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Our Services

TKE partners offer a wide range of trade-related technical, economic and institutional support services ranging from technical studies to policy and strategy advice to training. The comprehensive nature of our team, which brings together a powerful blend of practitioners, academics and advisers, means we can offer a full range of practical support.

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Examples of our services include:

Policy and advisory:

  • Frontier Economics advised the UK Government on negotiating positions in relation to automotives and financial services in the context of the EU-Japan FTA negotiations
  • UKTPO has provided policy advice to DFID on future UK trade relations with developing countries
  • Saana Consulting is the technical lead for the DFID Trade and Investment Advocacy Fund, which supports WTO accession for Least Developed Countries
  • CTPL worked with China’s Ministry of Foreign Trade to address the transparency obligations the country had assumed with its accession to the WTO

Technical studies:

  • Frontier Economics has used econometric modelling to quantify the impacts of UK – EU exit scenarios on the UK economy, on other EU economies, and on specific sectors.
  • UKTPO has conducted technical studies for Universities UK on Higher Education
  • Saana Consulting provided technical and analytical support to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Trade Out of Poverty’s inquiry into the UK’s Africa Free Trade Initiative

Training and capacity-building:

  • CTPL is the designated provider of training for Canada’s trade negotiators
  • UKTPO has provided training to the UK government on trade data, trade modelling and partial equilibrium analysis
  • Frontier Economics has provided training and capacity building for ASEAN trade negotiators
  • CTPL’s Certificate in Trade Negotiations Skills has provides simulation-based training to more than 400 trade professionals over the last five years
  • The Export Council of Australia has provided practical training in international trade business skills to thousands of Australian exporters, including through its Advanced Diploma of International Business Management

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