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Global trade is in a state of flux. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted both strengths and weaknesses in the global value chains that drive  trade. Geopolitical tensions and conflicts have prompted countries to rethink their approach to who they trade with and on what terms. Digital technologies and their applications  are changing the way trade takes place.  For the UK, this context creates some specific challenges:

  • What are the main priorities for the UK’s trade policy and how should these be pursued?
  • What counts as “good outcomes” in trade negotiations?
  • How can the UK handle the nexus between trade and a number of other issues such as biodiversity, or climate change?
  • How can the UK use its influence to ensure that global trade and trade rules promote inclusive growth?

The Trade Knowledge Exchange (TKE) brings together a network of five organisations across three continents to supply objective analysis on international trade matters. With outstanding in-house expertise in trade policy, analysis and negotiations, the TKE guides you through the contours of a changing global trade landscape. Read our articles, and subscribe to our podcasts to stay up to date.

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