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Unravelling the Nexus: Trade, Climate, and Development Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa

To launch our third season of Trade Knowledge Matters, our host, Amar Breckenridge discusses with Prof. David Luke, LSE and Colette van der Ven, Tulip Consulting the aftermath of the CoP28 in the United Arab Emirates. They dive into the impact of the CoP’s conclusions on Sub-Sahara African economies and their trade policies. The episode […]

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Trade Knowledge Matters Podcast – Season 1 Review

This year we decided to try something new with TKE and launched our very first podcast, ‘Trade Knowledge Matters’. When we first had the idea, we hadn’t anticipated the upheavals that would affect us all this year. Creating this medium for us has been quite the adventure and encouraged each of us to step out […]

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