US Economic Sanctions against Iran: How can other Trading Countries Protect Legitimate Business?

An image of a cooling tunnel in a nuclear plant.

US and the Iran nuclear deal President Trump is reimposing the full range of United States economic and trade sanctions against Iran following his unilateral decision in May 2018 to pull the US out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the so-called Iran nuclear deal).  That deal was reached with Iran in July 2015 […]

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Brexit: The UK Government’s Negotiating Proposals for Goods

Introduction The UK Government’s long-awaited White Paper setting out a negotiating position on post-Brexit trade and other relations with the European Union was published on July 12 2018.  Previous Government statements on these issues mostly expressed generalised aspirations for the UK’s future relations with the Union and with other trade partners world-wide.  The White Paper […]

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What if Brexit Leads to “No Deal”?

Throughout the Brexit process an eventual “No deal” situation has been held out to the public of the United Kingdom variously as a horror scenario or as a launch-pad for future national development. The prospects of a “No deal” outcome, and the conflicting views as to what it means, have been expressed with considerable force […]

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