The UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on Future Arrangements: Five Key Points for UK Trade Policy.

    The EU flag and the UK flag. Post-Brexit Trade.

    In perhaps the most significant development since the UK voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, negotiators representing the UK and the EU member states have struck an agreement on the terms of the UK’s withdrawal from EU membership. Accompanying that draft Withdrawal Agreement is a draft Political Declaration that provides a framework […]

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    Where we are now It is now almost a month since the European Council discussion of Brexit on October 17, which had for many months been the target date for agreement on the UK’s terms of withdrawal. That meeting produced no agreement, but also no surprises because expectations on both sides of the Channel had […]

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    Edging towards a people’s vote on Brexit?

      On Saturday October 20 the second, long-planned, march in support of a People’s Vote (that is, a further referendum) on the terms of any eventual Brexit deal took place in London.  In perfect autumn weather the march wound its way from Park Lane through the centre of London in the direction of Parliament Square, where […]

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      Democracy, Referenda, and Brexit

      A new “People’s Vote”? Less than six months now remain until the legal date for Brexit of 29 March 2019.  In the last few days there have been some more optimistic-sounding briefings on both sides of the Channel about the prospects for agreement, but these were quickly toned down. There is still no agreement, either […]

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