Services: the neglected part of Brexit

    Services are a vital part of the UK’s economy. They account for close to 80% of its GDP.  Services exports are around 45% of total UK exports by value, and will in all likelihood overtake goods in the near future. Over the last 10 years, services exports to the EU have grown at an annual […]

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      The UK and the EU-27 have agreed on an extension to Brexit, with the new deadline for the UK’s withdrawal moved back to 31 October 2019. The UK may leave the EU earlier if parliament passes the Withdrawal Agreement agreed by the Government and the EU. The Government and the Opposition have engaged in talks […]

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      An Uncommon Approach to Brexit

        On 27 March, the House of Commons voted on eight approaches to “Brexit”, as alternatives  to the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between the UK and the EU in 2018. Votes on these plans were indicative i.e. they were not binding on the government. In the event, all motions were rejected, including motions in favour of a […]

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        Planning for No Deal: The UK’s temporary tariff proposals

          With the UK parliament showing little sign of resolving its differences of opinion with itself on the UK’s departure from the EU, the UK government has published a list of customs duties that would apply “temporarily” in the event of a “no-deal“ exit. The government says that under such arrangements 87% of imports to the […]

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          More time for Brexit Negotiations?

            The EU flag and the UK flag. Post-Brexit Trade.

            Extending the time limit for negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union looks increasingly like the only realistic course. But the difficulties and risks are enormous, not least because there is no common view as to the duration of that extension. And because of that, the risks of a “no-deal” outcome remain substantial. Background […]

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